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“Role Play” by G. P. Ladousse

As it states at the beginning of the section entitled “How to use this book”, Ladousse’s volume is meant for two kinds of teachers: “first, those who are looking for new ideas for role plays to try out with their classes, and second, those who are looking for guidance as to how to use this technique” (Ladousse, 1987: 19).

Well, if you belong to one of these two categories, go and buy this book in your favourite bookshop or click on the cover to order it on Amazon.

No matter what language you teach, this book will be a source of inspiration and of useful role plays you may put into practice.

Ladousse, G.P. (1987). Role play. Oxford: Oxford University Press

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  1. Gleicy Moraes scrive:

    preciso saber de atividades de role play po Ladousse

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