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Exploring Corpora for ESP Learning

In her book Gavioli explores the ways in which corpora could be useful to teach and learn ESP (English for Special Purposes). She first writes as a teacher, trying and understanding not only “how” but also “what” to teach students. She then adopts the learners’ perspective, discussing their reactions and improvements through corpus use.

The book is decisively useful for all people interested in corpora, interpreting and language learning and it features a good bibliography.

I was particularly struck by the acknowledgements Gavioli wrote at the beginning of the book. As a writer, a researcher and a mother, not only does she thank the distinguished scholars who provided feedback, but she also mentions nannies and family helpers who made her job possible.

Gavioli, L. (2005). Exploring Corpora for ESP Learning. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins

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