Traduzione e Interpretazione

My Thesis

Here is a short description of the thesis I wrote for my BA, MA and PhD, as well as a link to the PDF documents you may want to download.

Feel free to quote and share these writings, but remember they are under a Creative Common Licence!

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PhD Thesis

Traduzione e mediazione nell’interpretazione dialogica in ambito sanitario: ruolo o responsabilità? Una risposta interazionista [Translation and mediation in healthcare dialogue interpreting: role or responsibility? An interactionist response]
This study investigates some gaps between the profession and the training of healthcare dialogue interpreters. Combining notions from Interpreting Studies and Conversation Analysis, it considers the question of what interpreters are by observing what they do in real and in simulated interpreter-mediated encounters.

MA Thesis

2001 Unomattina: a case study in media interpreting
This study presents the creation and analysis of a corpus obtained by the TV programme Unomattina in 2001. The corpus, containing 40,365 words, was built with the aim of comparing three roles played by participants in the programme, journalists-as-journalists (jj), interpreters-as-journalists (ij) and interpreters-as-interpreters (ii), and of assessing whether journalists and interpreters talk in the same way.

BA Thesis

Sul viaggio oncologico: mediazione e confronto fra due realtà. Il Macmillan Cancer Relief e l’Istituto Oncologico Romagnolo” [On the oncological journey: mediation and comparison between two realities. The Macmillan Cancer Relief and the Istituto Oncologico Romagnolo]
This study describes two organizations which provide specialist health care and information to people affected by cancer in Britain and in Italy. The aim is twofold: comparing the types of services they offer by describing them in detail; and comparing the language the use when communicating with their users by translating some of the English forms and leaflets.