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Modena International Workshop: after

Poster_NatachaSANiemantsI’d really like to sum up what was presented and discussed at last week Modena International Workshop.

I must admit, however, that I do not think I can embark in such a difficult task. Too many contents were shared in such a brief time span. Too many people were met in lectures, tutorials and around a sumptuously decked table. And too many feedbacks were provided to be able to draw some conclusions on the MIW and on my Project.

Somehow I need to digest what was said by Susan Hunston (University of Birmingham), Andreas Jucker (University of Zurich), Christian Plantin (Université de Lyon II), Paul Thompson (University of Reading), Marina Bondi (Unimore), and by all the PhD students who presented their projects.

And I probably need some time to look at everything from a distance, and to decide what to take in and what to leave out.

But there is one thing I can do now, and that is writing a word of (sincere) thank for all the people who took part in this useful workshop.

Hunston, Jucker, Plantin, Thompson, Bondi, Diani, Soliman, Cavalieri, Bennet, Chang, Da Silva, Haubner, Hofmann, Huang, Mantlik, Marcinkowski, Mathoul, Moreton, O’Brien, Plappert, Reichardt, Reiner, Schembri, Trklja, Albanese, Beseghi, Cangelosi, Quarta, Seidenari: each of them contributed to the success of a workshop which achieved its goals (I hope I did not forget anybody, but please comment if there is someone missing).

As you can read from the Syllabus and Organization page, it aimed at providing “useful feedback for an assessment and revision of individual research hypothesis, as well as tools for developing greater awareness of issues in research methodologies”.

And in my opinion it definitely made it.

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